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 Guest 21:55:25 22:16:22 Post: Black professor: My hope for my students in fight for racial justice
 Guest 22:16:02 22:16:02 Post: Commencement speech causes controversy
 Guest 22:14:57 22:14:57 Tag: Chuck
 Guest 22:14:47 22:14:47 Tag: tennis
 Guest 21:55:21 22:14:26 Post: MLB's Ian Desmond, in a powerful post about racism and social injustice, opts out of the 2020 season
 Guest 22:13:53 22:13:53 Post: Oklahoma reporter who covered Trump's Tulsa rally tests positive for coronavirus
 Guest 21:49:23 22:13:50 Post: ESPN's Stephen A. Smith doesn't think NBA players can go months without sex
 Guest 22:13:24 22:13:24 Post: Portugal to bring back lockdown to areas of Lisbon
 Guest 22:13:04 22:13:04 Tag: extra-time
 Guest 22:01:56 22:12:50 Post: Global coronavirus infections pass 10M mark, data show
 Guest 22:12:34 22:12:34 Post: My fraternity taught me the secret to surviving a pandemic
 Guest 22:12:26 22:12:26 Post: Some small-city airports barely operational as passengers stay home
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 Guest 22:10:35 22:10:35 Tag: seniors
 Guest 22:10:21 22:10:21 Post: Defense secretary raises concerns about the militarized appearance of police and law enforcement with attorney general
 Guest 22:09:27 22:09:27 Post: Gov. Cuomo on Trump's Covid-19 response: Denial is not a life strategy
 Guest 22:09:07 22:09:07 Tag: attack
 Guest 22:08:47 22:08:47 Post: Seattle police union chief: 'CHOP' zone shows 'socialist political pandering' is becoming mainstream
 Guest 21:43:59 22:08:27 Tag: faces
 Guest 22:08:10 22:08:10 Post: FA Cup: Manchester City's Raheem Sterling scores against Newcastle United
 Guest 21:18:59 22:08:04 Post: Coronavirus: What's behind new US outbreaks?
 Guest 22:07:51 22:07:51 Post: Kellyanne Conway shrugs off Trump's slumping poll numbers: 'That doesn't surprise me at all'
 Guest 22:07:43 22:07:43 Post: In a tiny African mountain kingdom, one soccer club is driving social change
 Guest 22:04:14 22:06:29 Post: The fates of two leading newspaper publishers are up in the air
 Guest 22:05:04 22:05:04 Tag: pleads
 Guest 22:04:47 22:04:47 Post: How Bill Barr threatens the 'deep state,' not the rule of law: Ian Prior
 Guest 22:04:44 22:04:44 Post: Cineworld delays reopening of UK cinemas to 31 July
 Guest 22:04:12 22:04:12 Tag: cops
 Guest 22:04:06 22:04:06 Post: Mississippi passes historic measure to remove confederate symbol from state flag
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