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 Guest 22:01:01 22:01:01 Post: 'Fake jobs': French ex-PM François Fillon and wife jailed
 Guest 21:39:54 21:59:40 Post: Flying snakes? Here's how they can glide through the air
 Guest 21:57:12 21:59:34 Post: Chickens in cages fall off trailer, cause back-up
 Guest 21:59:34 21:59:34 Post: Paul Batura: Happy Father’s Day to the three fathers of my three sons
 Guest 21:58:53 21:58:53 Tag: 8-year-old
 Guest 21:58:51 21:58:51 Post: More than half of working-age Brazilians are now jobless
 Guest 21:57:34 21:57:34 Post: UFC's Dana White gives sneak peek of 'Fight Island' with UFC 251 days away
 Guest 21:55:39 21:55:39 Post: Playboy’s December 1988 Playmate Katariina Souri explains why she removed herself from public life
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 Guest 21:55:21 21:55:21 Post: Step inside Latin superstar J Balvin's luxury homes in Colombia
 Guest 21:55:09 21:55:09 Post: Biden accuses Trump of ‘dereliction of duty' over Russia bounty reports in first press briefing in nearly 3 months
 Guest 21:55:00 21:55:00 Post: CNN Heroes: 'There is a pandemic of grief right now'
 Guest 21:54:58 21:54:58 Tag: Trump-Fauci
 Guest 21:17:28 21:54:41 Post: Tokyo Disney parks reopen after 4-month closure due to coronavirus
 Guest 21:54:17 21:54:17 Post: Winona Ryder says Keanu Reeves refused Coppola's request to 'yell things' to make her cry for 'Dracula' scene
 Guest 21:18:59 21:53:23 Post: Trump's top medical adviser says a Covid-19 vaccine is key, but it will take time before it is available to the public
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 Guest 21:50:48 21:50:48 Post: Hong Kong Chief Executive: No need to worry about national security law (May 2020)
 Guest 21:49:52 21:49:52 Post: Bill Gates on the Search for a Vaccine: Dr. Sanjay Gupta's coronavirus podcast for June 30
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 Guest 21:49:30 21:49:30 Post: WHO is sending a team to China to research 'how the virus started'
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 Guest 21:48:58 21:48:58 Post: Lifeguards training for new normal amid coronavirus pandemic
 Guest 21:48:28 21:48:28 Post: This is the most succinct -- and brutal -- Republican rejection of Donald Trump that you will ever read
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