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 Guest 20:40:58 21:03:05 Post: Che Guevara's birthplace put up for sale
 Guest 19:12:32 21:03:01 Post: Coronavirus: Gütersloh lockdown lifted after German court ruling
 Guest 20:55:16 21:02:59 Post: Jaden, Jada Pinkett Smith slam YouTuber Shane Dawson, saying he was 'sexualizing' Willow Smith when she was 11
 Guest 19:09:17 21:02:55 Post: Hong Kong schools told to remove books that violate new law as police powers extended
 Guest 19:12:59 21:02:50 Post: Atlanta mayor faces criticism over early handling of protest site
 Guest 21:02:44 21:02:44 Tag: Nearby
 Guest 19:24:04 21:02:39 Post: Man fights off one of the world's deadliest snakes while driving on highway
 Guest 20:32:36 21:02:34 Post: Arizona vintage shop praised for 'spot-on' sign mandating masks: 'Love your sense of humor'
 Guest 19:31:54 21:02:33 Post: Dog saved by cave rescue team after Merthyr Tydfil fall
 Guest 20:54:45 21:02:24 Post: Alia Shawkat issues apology after 2016 video of her using n-word resurfaces
 Guest 21:02:23 21:02:23 Post: A new face of the Democratic Party emerges
 Guest 19:08:49 21:02:21 Tag: and
 Guest 19:12:51 21:02:15 Post: Covid-19 kept them separated from their pets for months. So they've chartered a plane to bring them home
 Guest 19:11:01 21:02:09 Post: Pompeo responds to Susan Rice slam: 'She has a history of going on Sunday shows and lying'
 Guest 21:02:05 21:02:05 Post: Jordan blames 'cancel culture left' for halting progress on police reform, other issues
 Guest 18:35:47 21:01:57 Tag: public
 Guest 19:20:37 21:01:45 Tag: President
 Guest 21:01:39 21:01:39 Post: Ousted SDNY federal prosecutor Geoffrey Berman to appear before House Judiciary Committee next week
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 Guest 21:01:28 21:01:28 Tag: Dolly
 Guest 19:09:33 21:01:21 Post: Coronavirus: Job-hunting advice for graduates, from the Class of 2008
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 Guest 19:10:33 21:00:54 Post: California prisons replace their top medical officer amid a coronavirus outbreak
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