A Georgia school has reported several cases of coronavirus following a viral photo that shows a hallway crammed with students when classes resumed last week, while a separate school district reported 100 suspected cases among students and staff ahead of its online-only start date later this month.Devamı için tıklayın...Latest News
Texas scientists have reported finding two pet cats with the coronavirus—the first in the state.Devamı için tıklayın...Latest News
A man in Washington State was arrested Saturday and charged with assault after allegedly breaking a 72-year-old partially disabled veteran’s jaw in a hotel lobby in a dispute over coronavirus masks.Devamı için tıklayın...Latest News
A trombonist, music producer, and New Orleans native started a non-profit organization during the pandemic in hopes of keeping the city's music scene alive and providing temporary financial relief for artists. Devamı için tıklayın...Latest News
The only alternative lawmakers may have on coronavirus relief is coughing up gobs of money, just to keep the economy afloatDevamı için tıklayın...Latest News
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., on Sunday heaped the blame on Congress’ failure to pass another coronavirus stimulus bill on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “personal wish list” and defended President Trump’s use of executive orders to defer payroll taxes and replace an expired unemployment benefit with a lower amount.Devamı için tıklayın...Latest News
New Zealand on Sunday marked 100 days since it was able to effectively eliminate the spread of coronavirus.Devamı için tıklayın...Latest News
With stimulus talks stalled, President Donald Trump announced he would go around Congress to deliver aid to Americans affected by the pandemic. Devamı için tıklayın...Latest News
The White House's top economic adviser on Sunday tried to explain how states and the federal government will be able to work together to provide enhanced unemployment benefits prescribed by a series of executive actions for coronavirus economic relief that President Donald Trump signed a day earlier. Devamı için tıklayın...Latest News
Welsh Government refused to call off Wales-Scotland rugby match saying there was no need to do so.Devamı için tıklayın...Latest News