As many as 20 people were injured Monday morning after three hot air balloons lost control and crashed in a field at a popular Wyoming tourist destination, reports said.Devamı için tıklayın...Latest News
On July 8, Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng uploaded to YouTube a video titled "DISGUSTED by this Egg Fried Rice Video," under his comedic persona "Uncle Roger."Devamı için tıklayın...Latest News
The Edinburgh-based social enterprise says it will create an initial 100 new posts in Selkirk.Devamı için tıklayın...Latest News
Emergency room physician Dr. Desmond Carson says people who are not wearing a mask, washing their hands, and observing social distancing guidelines are being disrespectful to health care and front line workers who have to deal with Covid-19 every day. Devamı için tıklayın...Latest News
Twelve people were hospitalized in Wyoming on Monday after a hot air balloon crash, officials said. Devamı için tıklayın...Latest News
Def Jam Africa tells the BBC how the record label is expanding to discover more talent in wider genres.Devamı için tıklayın...Latest News
Devamı için tıklayın...Latest News
There’s nothing worse than dozens of unexpected guests.Devamı için tıklayın...Latest News
About 5 million people in Australia's second-most populous city Melbourne are contending with some of the harshest restrictions ever imposed on the city, after authorities declared a "state of disaster" on Sunday.Devamı için tıklayın...Latest News
Victoria, the largest state in Australia, has declared a "state of disaster" and announced stricter lockdown as cases of coronavirus rise. A nightly curfew has also been placed on the city of Melbourne. CNN's Angus Watson reports. Devamı için tıklayın...Latest News