As I contended in “Ball of Collusion,” my book on the Trump-Russia investigation, the target of the probe spearheaded by the FBI — but greenlighted by the Obama White House, and abetted by the Justice Department and U.S. intelligence agencies — was Donald Trump.Devamı için tıklayın...Latest News
It appears that the ruling has at least as much to do with judicial hostility to capital punishment as to concerns about the due process implications of intense media coverage.Devamı için tıklayın...Latest News
Andy McCarthy said on Friday that it is “absurd” to say that President Trump’s tweet suggesting that the presidential election be delayed is an impeachable offense.Devamı için tıklayın...Latest News
Democrats used a House hearing to attack Attorney General Barr in five-minute installments, accusing him of corruption, perjury, violating his oath, betraying the Constitution — even of killing thousands of COVID-19 victims.Devamı için tıklayın...Latest News
Stripped of standard non-lethal tactics, police are left with only lethal tactics, such as firearms, and such non-lethal weapons as tasers and batons, which necessarily bring them into close contact with violent subversives.Devamı için tıklayın...Latest News
It doesn’t matter what candidates and their supporters have to say about the election’s result.This is what matters.Devamı için tıklayın...Latest News
"The Democrats have a China problem," according to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., who appeared on "Watters' World" on Saturday.Devamı için tıklayın...Latest News
Democrats and Trump-abhorring Republicans cannot get past their petty political score-settling, even for the purpose of supporting law enforcement against violent anti-American radicals.Devamı için tıklayın...Latest News
Leaders of the U.S. House spoke out Thursday in reaction to this week's clash between Rep. Ted Yoho, R-Fla, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez D-N.Y.Devamı için tıklayın...Latest News
There is abundant law that gives federal agencies jurisdiction to investigate and prosecute violent crime.Devamı için tıklayın...Latest News